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My Divorce Shower.com

I remember going through my divorce. I remember what it felt like when he came and moved his life out of my life and half of “our” stuff as well. I remember, that I was alone. I remember thinking, “I didn’t really need a wedding shower.” I mean, I was happy then, and we had lots of things, blenders, toasters, furniture, mixer, slap chop, etc. I wished, right then, that I could have a divorce shower. Now, was the time I needed my friends to gather around me, now was the time I needed gifts, now was the time that I needed, more than anything, to know that I was loved.And, I definitely needed more than the plastic cups with which I was left.

We (at MyDivorceShower.com) think it is about time to recognize the fact that divorce requires a lot of support, friendship, community, and probably a new toaster oven. It requires the same ritualized care we give to other major life changes. Today, a divorce is treated with kid gloves and although friends may gather, a thorough outpouring of friendship and support will better let the person going through the trauma of divorce know they are loved and supported. Divorce is really a rite of passage, a life event. Most of us will have at least one divorce, and we will grow immensely as a part of the process. A divorce shower allows a time for reflection of the old life and a celebration of the burgeoning new life the newly single person is about to enjoy – it can be a transformative, cathartic experience offering closure, friendship and gifts.

Stay tuned. Our website officially opens in November, but until then we’ll offer shower ideas, discuss the concept of the divorce shower, cocktail recipes, cake ideas, and offer links to helpful information!